23 March 2021 HCS approach to measuring success

As we approach the end of the financial year, the success of a company is normally measured by how well the company has performed financially throughout that time. As we approach this end of financial year, our Managing Director Paul Haigh is very much aware the measure of success is more than that.

Throughout the pandemic, like many of the world’s workforce, working from home has become the new ‘normal’. HCS were quick to realise that the short and long-term mental health and morale of staff needed to become a high priority whilst working remotely.  Remote working bought different challenges from a mental health perspective that HCS workforce had not ever had to experience before.

Through regular checking in with staff for their well-being, reassuring any anxieties experienced and always encouraging staff to keep in touch, our management team have not only supported staff but also led a change in mindset to recognise success through daily engagement and achievement rather than long term goals.  The small steps taken to daily consider the struggles staff have faced have strengthened the team spirit and deepened the HCS’s sense of community.  This itself is a measure of success that HCS are very proud of.  As we hopefully venture out of restrictions over the coming months, HCS have a healthy mindset which has bolstered their performance and strengthened resolve for the future.


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