13 January 2022 E-invoicing helps save the Planet

E-invoicing is well known for its benefits of huge cost savings.  No paper is used within the invoicing process, there is reduced print and postage, less energy required to produce an invoice, less physical space required to store invoices and much less waste.  E-invoicing frees up staff for higher value work and is a huge money saving process.  However, another vast benefit is it helps protect the environment.

HCS’ e-invoicing software Aurora, which first went live in 2003, has been applied throughout Europe for the last 20 years.  Within those 20 years gradually more and more companies world-wide are replacing paper invoicing with e-invoicing therefore all contributing to saving the environment and saving trees.

Within the EU it is estimated to take 12 million trees to create the 30 billion invoices that are sent each year.  Removing paper invoices completely will not only save these trees but also remove 3 million tonnes of CO2 from the environment.

HCS are very proud of the knowledge that in its 20 year anniversary our software Aurora will have helped save 10,000 trees per annum as well as pushing the boundaries of e-invoicing software.


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