18 February 2021 The Bag Fairies - inspirational organisation bringing positivity during the Pandemic

Since the first lockdown began in March 2020 many charities have suffered, some forced to even close and lots of people have lost their employment and have had to face situations they probably never thought they would be in.  Charities from huge organisations carrying out work on a global scale to single food banks have said they have had to cut their services significantly, with some having to deny their beneficiaries support at a time when they are most in need.

However, whilst Covid-19 continues to be a difficult time for everyone, there are stories emerging of resilience, incredible generosity and kindness, many of which come from local organisations and the people that volunteer for them.  HCS thought they would shine a positive light by sharing the impact of one organisation in particular called The Bag Fairies, based in South Kirkby, West Yorkshire.

The Bag Fairies is a non-profit voluntary organisation who help struggling families, men/women escaping violence, the homeless, vulnerable individuals, refugees and anyone else who needs help clothing their families or themselves. They also help anyone having to set up home again or setting up home after coming off the streets. The Bag Fairies work very closely with social services, midwives, health visitors, local councils and many other organisations to help their referrals and assist anyone that walks in seeking help. In this pandemic there has been an increase in demand as so many families and individuals have been affected.  They have worked extremely hard to spread the message amongst the community, as they rely solely on donations, and the amazing response has helped a vast number of people.

It’s a reminder that without inspiring organisations like these, many more people would have been left without basic essentials such as a coat, shoes or even a blanket and feeling isolated worrying how their situation could be bearable during the pandemic. HCS are proud to play their part in supporting such amazing, inspirational organisation.


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