19 November 2020 Kevin Pagett's commitment to helping save lives

HCS are extremely proud of their Project Manager Kevin Pagett for his 33 year commitment to helping save lives. 

Kevin is classed as a high value platelet donor due to his platelet antigens matching a large number of patients.  Only 1 in 200 donors have the rare, unique qualities that Kevin has which make him classed as an Homozygous donor. 

Kevin aims to donate monthly but during the current pandemic this has been difficult.  However, this week Kevin was able to make his 363rd donation and is well on his way to achieving his aim of 500! 

Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards society – giving blood or platelets saves lives so we are immensely proud of Kevin. 

The following websites contains valuable information for anyone interested in also becoming a donor - or


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