12 February 2021 The Challenge of being an Apprentice during a Pandemic

Working from home during a pandemic has bought challenges to everyone but none more so than to those on an apprenticeship scheme.  In ‘normal’ times an apprenticeship programme involves learning from others with a hands-on approach, combined with classroom studies or support from an apprenticeship agency. Both clearly difficult to do during a pandemic.  In fact, many apprentices have been made redundant or furloughed during the past year.

However, HCS are proud to have supported our apprentice Austin Finlayson who confirmed “My biggest challenge has been learning new skills while working remotely as I would have previously been able to shadow my colleagues whilst they perform certain tasks.  However, working remotely has helped me to work much more independently, I have learned to use my own initiative to problem solve and I have also developed my communication skills.”

HCS have been very mindful of keeping lines of communication between staff open so no one feels isolated during these difficult times.  Austin too has benefited from this approach - “Whilst working remotely it is important to be in contact with all members of the team throughout the day.  We have multiple team meetings via Zoom where we discuss what everyone has been doing and make sure everyone is coping.  In these meetings I understand a lot more of the projects and tasks being discussed and have widened my knowledge of the company. The Friday meeting quiz is also a fun way to end the week - I am happy to be a part of such a great team!”

HCS are extremely proud of our apprentice Austin for meeting these challenges head on, making a success of his apprenticeship scheme and for learning new skills and knowledge throughout the past year. 


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