08 July 2013 Dmitriy Cherneko obtains Masters Degree

In 2009, HCS sister company, UKRData took on a student, Dmitriy Chernenko, for the part time role of Analyst Programmer in the Nikolayev office.

4 years of hard work later, and we are very proud to announce that Dmitriy, now an invaluable member of staff, has graduated with a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

Paul Haigh, Managing Director, commented, “This is a remarkable achievement considering that Dima combined both his job and his degree each day and still managed to receive this excellent qualification. He has proved himself to be an incredibly capable member of staff who is always positive and I am delighted that he has received his degree."

Based at the Black Sea State University of Petro Mohyla, Dima was awarded the qualification based on his specialty, Medical Devices and Systems.

Using a device based on Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform, Dmitriy created a gas sensor that interacts, via Bluetooth, with an Android Phone.

The Android device was then able to warn users regarding potential danger, including explosive gas leakage, via SMS or audio alerts.

The educational body marking his work appreciated the practical nature of the advice, and awarded him a score of 95%.

Chernenko commented, “I want to say that this was a long and very exciting journey and I would like to give a very big thank you to all the team at HCS that gave me support, knowledge and inspiration to get here, especially Mr. Paul Haigh. I still don't believe that you took me aboard and gave me this great opportunity when I was 4 years away from this day. Thank you.”


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